Broadway - Beige

The Anywhere Fireplace Broadway model combines the sophisticated elegance of beige lacquer and glass fireplace with all the benefits of a bio-ethanol fireplace-no installation, clean burning, ventless, needs no chimney, gas or electric hook-up. The gracefully curved body of the fireplace will add a distinctive focal point to any room in which you choose to place it and will work with any decor. You may use it safely indoors or outdoors, just be sure to either cover it or bring the burner inside so water does not get into it if you choose to use it outdoors. Place it on the floor or on a large table and its beautiful dancing flames you will create the perfect ambiance. It USES LIQUID ETHANOL FUEL made only for fireplaces.

FUEL SOLD SEPARATELY. Never substitute any other fuel. Be sure to NOT confuse it with the bio-ethanol and other fuels sold for cars other none fireplace applications.

  • Dimensions: 23W x 14D x 17.75H
  • Color: High Gloss Beige paint
  • Material: High Gloss Beige Coatmetal with Tempered Glass
  • Features: Ventless - needs no chimney, gas, or electric hookup

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